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Meet Mitzie.

Mitzie Hunter is an accomplished leader with a proven track record of building and championing the city of Toronto. She has held several high-level leadership positions, including serving as Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Toronto Housing and head of CivicAction. Hunter has also held positions in the provincial cabinet as Minister of Education, Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development, and Associate Minister of Finance.

As a proud immigrant to the city, Hunter has grown up, worked, and lived in every corner of Toronto. She understands how important it is to make sure that voices across each part of the city are heard - not just the core; the status quo. Her passion for building a city that works for everyone comes from lived experience, and the skill to see it through. 

Hunter believes that Toronto is at a turning point, and it's time to work together to ensure that it's not a breaking point. Her main goal is to make certain that Toronto is a city that works for everyone - that means there are many things, large and small and everything in between, that must get fixed.

Mitzie Hunter is a relentless champion for Toronto and will stand up for all of its residents. She firmly believes that going backwards is not an option — and you can support her to move Toronto forward.