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The Mitzie Hunter Plan to Fix the Six

6 Priorities for a Toronto That Works for Everyone 

My plan will make Toronto a city that works for everyone, everywhere. 

A city where young people who grow up here can afford to live here. Where we can all get to where we need to go -- safely and efficiently. Where we can all get the services we need -- no matter who we are or where we live. A liveable and vibrant city that is well managed with a responsible, affordable, and transparent budget.

My fully costed and funded budget will make sure every dollar is spent to Fix the Six and drive our city to become the Toronto we want. Unlike other candidates, my plan doesn’t depend on the wishful thinking of an implausible bailout for Toronto from the province -- an idea the Premier has already rejected. 

My plan will deliver on six key priorities to Fix the Six for everyone in Toronto. 

Here’s My Plan: Six Priorities to Fix the Six 

1. Affordable Housing and Renter Protection

Buying a home in Toronto is now out of reach for all but the wealthiest, and average rent is far beyond what many people can afford. The only way out of this mess is to add more affordable housing to meet demand and lower price escalation for renters and buyers alike. My plan delivers more new affordable housing, more quickly, for the people who need it most and delivers more affordable rental units than any other candidate. 

As your Mayor, I will do this by: 

    • Unlocking public lands for affordable rental and ownership units: Creating the Toronto Affordable Housing Corporation (TAHC) to oversee the responsible development on public land of below-market rentals and affordable ownership units.
    • Opening up the “missing middle”: Building more mutli-plexes by providing up to $100,000 in forgivable low-interest loans for such renovations or additions, waiving the Municipal Land Transfer Tax, and standardising laneway designs.
    • Adding rental apartments on major streets and near campuses: Permitting buildings of up to eight stories along Toronto’s 1,200 kilometres of major streets and creating more permissive zoning.
    • Speeding up building approvals and construction: Hiring 15 more city planners to expedite development applications, hosting accessible public consultations, and introducing a tax on speculators with land and approved building permits. 
  • Protecting renters and saving current affordable housing: Providing $50 million annually over the next two years for the Multi-Unit Residential Acquisition program, creating a rapid deployment deposit program to enable speedy purchases, increasing eviction prevention services, creating a Tenant Advocate role, and bringing back rent control to all units. 
  • Improving high rise rental homes in “tower buildings”: Increasing funding by $35 million for grants and financing for energy efficiency retrofits and quality of life repairs like elevators, improved community spaces, and on-site parks and playgrounds. 
  • Improving rentals in condominium buildings: Creating a program to provide grants and financing for energy efficiency retrofits and other renovations for condo owners who rent out their units if they commit to rent control. 

2. Getting Toronto Moving 

Safe, reliable, frequent, and affordable transit is the best tool we have to get Toronto moving and to help us achieve our climate goals. I will restore service, reduce fares, keep people safe and ensure TTC is accessible to everyone. My plan does this by:

  • Restoring service and reducing fares: Eliminating TTC fares for seniors and Wheels-Trans users, reversing TTC fare hikes and the $53 million in service cuts, increasing Wheel-Trans service, fully funding the TTC’s operational costs, and eliminating dual fares with TTC and GO. 
  • Starting the subway at 5:30 a.m.: Starting the subway earlier so workers can make it to their 6:00 a.m. jobs. 
  • Implementing a TTC Safety Plan: Pairing social workers with transit officers, launching a community ambassador’s program, installing sliding glass doors on platforms, using data and feedback from riders and TTC employees to track progress on safety.
  • Expanding Transit: Funding an interim Scarborough SRT, building the Eglinton East LRT extension to UofT Scarborough and Malvern with existing funds, building the Waterfront East LRT, advancing the planning for the North York Scarborough Subway Extension both directions on Sheppard, adding Cummer Station in North York, and advocating with Metrolinx to ensure transparency and fairness for Torontonians.

3. Safety, Homelessness, and Mental Health 

Everyone in Toronto deserves a safe and affordable place to live and call home. I have a plan to address crime and gun violence, reduce homelessness, increase housing stability, raise mental wellness, and tackle youth homelessness. My plan includes: 

  • Addressing crime and gun violence: Toughening bail conditions for violent and repeat offenders, improving access to community programs and employment opportunities, aligning police funding increases with inflation, and working with other levels of government to reduce handgun access, tackle roots of violence, and support communities and victims. 
  • Protecting housing stability: Adding 400 new shelter beds, doubling the capacity of street outreach programs, creating 2,000 supportive homes, increasing eviction prevention services, adding five new housing outreach program collaboration teams, and opening 24/7 warming and cooling centres.
  • Leading on mental health: Hiring a Chief Mental Health Officer, re-launching Toronto’s Mental Health Support Strategy, creating a long-term Mental Health and Addiction Strategy, increasing the Community Service Partnerships program, creating a technology fund to modernise the integration of city and provincial mental health and addiction services. 

4. Improved City Services 

We need affordable, accessible, and high-quality city services to support important improvements in child care access, improved public spaces, and clean and repaired roads. To make Toronto a city where people can live, work and play with ease, I will invest in: 

  • Building stronger libraries and better communities: Extending sunday service, opening 16 new Youth Hubs, using them as community hubs for my Housing Support Program, creating a municipal broadband network, distributing 1,000 free Internet connectivity kits, doubling the Seniors Digital Literacy Program, opening 108 Toronto Public Library satellites, and distributing free menstrual products in libraries, community centres, and transit stations.
  • Implementing a child care plan: Opening 34 new not-for-profit, publicly-managed child care facilities with youth hubs and supporting community organisations using schools for their after hours programming.
  • Improving roads and city services: Doubling the budget for pothole maintenance, increasing the snow clearance budget by more than 10%, reducing congestion by coordinating road restrictions and enforcement, and funding the Vision Zero Road Safety Plan to enhance safety at our most dangerous intersections and roads. 
  • Supporting public health: Establishing 74 new satellite offices for Toronto Public Health for nurses to deliver family health programs, nutrition and physical wellness, decriminalising certain drugs for personal use, expanding 24/7 addiction supports, and increasing supportive housing, mental health services, and addiction and overdose support.

5. Green, Vibrant City 

Climate change has made our city face unpredictable and severe weather, threatening our property and our lives. I am ready to lead Toronto into becoming a more green and vibrant city. Here is my plan to build climate resilience into our city, and build out Toronto as an inclusive and exciting arts and culture hub: 

  • Reducing climate change effects and improving environmental resilience: Lowering emissions by reducing TTC fares, electrifying the TTC, expanding bike infrastructure, expanding charging infrastructure, improving new building efficiency, and expanding tree canopy. Reducing climate risk through the Residential Flood Protection Program, Extreme Heat Protection Program, Increase Neighbourhood Shade Tree Program, and establishing a Chief Resiliency Officer. 
  • Enhancing our parks and clean neighbourhoods: Winterizing parks, keeping washrooms open year-round, providing greater local control over park programming, adding trees, allowing responsible alcohol consumption, adding 17 acres of new parks, and increasing the City Beautification budget by 25%.
  • Reviving arts and culture: Exempting creative facilities from property tax increases, supporting access to city land and retaining and renovating artist workspaces, dedicating 25% of the existing Municipal Accomodation Tax to arts and culture, appointing a Culture Commissioner, and supporting activities in long-term care facilities. 
  • Helping small businesses thrive: Cancelling and refunding all 2023 CafeTO application and permit fees, exempt all small businesses from property tax increases through 2025, ensuring consideration of small businesses in new policies and bylaws, and reducing credit card transaction fees.
  • Tackling food security and supporting our most vulnerable: Double the Community Services Partnership funding, expanding community gardens, coordinating city departments, agencies and partnerships, and developing all TAHC buildings with below-market retail space for small to medium-sized grocery stores. 
  • Advancing accessibility for a diverse and inclusive city: Making Wheel-Trans free, enhancing safe sidewalks and crosswalks, enhancing snow clearance budget, providing 2,000 new supportive homes, installing elevators and sliding doors on the TTC, allowing homeowners with disabilities and income below $80,000 to eliminate or defer property tax increases, advancing Toronto’s first Reconciliation Action Plan, and improving access to French services.

6. Transparency in Governance and Budget 

My 3 & 6 Plan will add fairness to our property tax system by protecting moderate and lower income households and seniors while asking those who are better off to pay a little more. 

We also need to be honest about the challenges of the $4.3 billion hole in our budget between 2023 and 2025. My budget sets a realistic and robust strategy for improving our city while dealing with other governments -- because a magical bail-out from the province is not going to happen. My fair and transparent budget includes: 

  • Fair taxation: Minimising the existing yearly property tax increases for low and moderate-income households to 3% and a general property tax increase of 6% for other households.
  • A clear understanding of the $4.3 billion budget hole: Addressing budget shortages from COVID relief measures, and the poor assumptions on funding support from the provincial and federal government. 
  • A realistic intergovernmental strategy: Pursuing a realistic, results-oriented intergovernmental strategy to secure real funding from other levels of government  through a Transit Cooperation Strategy, Health Expenses Reimbursement Strategy, relationship building with the federal government, and a Coalition Building Strategy with community and industry partners. Making sure Toronto plays a leadership role working with other cities and the FCM in advocating for a new deal with other governments based on Toronto receiving one point of the current HST.

Join Me in Making Toronto Work For Everyone, Everywhere

This election is about Toronto. And it’s about time. 

Time for change. Time for action. 

Time for the right plan that is fully funded. 

Join me -- because it’s time to Fix the Six together.