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Mitzie Hunter mobilizing from the outside to bring change to city hall

City hall insiders scrambling to stop change, cling to power

Toronto – Mitzie Hunter is mobilizing her supporters and calling on everyone who wants change to join her as Toronto votes for its next mayor in the coming days.

“Change will never come from inside city hall,” says Hunter. “Change will only come from outside city hall.”

Hunter says being from Scarborough she is by definition from the outside, and like her people from all across Toronto are demanding change.

“From Scarborough to Etobicoke, from York to East York and North York, from midtown to downtown, people on the outside want in because everyone on the outside needs change,” says Hunter.

“Everyone outside of city hall, that is. The city hall insiders prefer things to stay the same. They are scrambling to stop change and cling to power.”

Hunter is the only candidate with a fully-costed and fully-funded plan called Fix the Six that spells out six priorities of exactly what she will do as mayor for a Toronto that works for everyone: 

  1. Affordable Housing and Renter Protection
  2. Getting Toronto Moving
  3. Safety, Homelessness, and Mental Health
  4. Improved City Services
  5. A Green, Vibrant City
  6. Transparency in Governance and Budget

“Toronto is at a turning point that must not be a breaking point,” says Hunter. “People tell me they are worried that the city they love is on the brink of serious decline. I want to lead Toronto’s revival. I have a plan to do exactly that.”

Unlike other candidates, lays out how she will pay for it: her “Three & Six” plan, a general property tax increase of six per cent for 2024. On an average Toronto property, that means an annual increase of $216. To protect low- to moderate-income households, there is a rebate for all households with incomes below $80,000. It means half of the tax increase is refunded - reducing it to three per cent. This is below Canada’s projected inflation rate of 3.5 per cent for this year. More than half of all seniors have a household income below $80,000 and they will have no out-of-pocket tax increase at all. No other candidate offers as much support to seniors on fixed incomes. Small businesses will also have no increase.

“It’s fairer, it’s progressive, and it means those that can afford it will pay a little more. Lower income homeowners will pay less,” Hunter says.

Most of the other candidates are from inside city hall. Olivia Chow and Ana Bailao are former councillors trying to stage a comeback. Mark Saunders used to work for council. Josh Matlow and Brad Bradford are councillors now.

“Same faces, from the same places,” says Hunter. “They are from the inside and want things to stay the same. That’s not how change happens. Change comes from the outside.

I have the motivation, the drive and the plan to make Toronto a city that works for everyone.

“It’s time to Fix the Six. Join me.”





Charmain Emerson