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Mitzie Hunter's plan will halt TTC “death spiral” of service cuts

Only her plan means fares reduced, service restored, and Scarborough busway funded, mayoral candidate says
Toronto – Mitzie Hunter, mayoral candidate, says the TTC “death spiral” would be halted under her plan for restoring service, lowering fares and providing free rides for seniors and Wheel-Trans users.
Hunter would also ensure full funding of a dedicated busway to replace the Scarborough SRT as an interim measure until the Scarborough subway extension is built. 
The total cost of the dedicated bus rapid transit route on the existing SRT corridor is estimated at $60 million including $2.9 million needed for immediate design work. Hunter’s plan will use reserves dedicated for Scarborough Transit. Hunter will issue a full costing of her platform before voting begins in June.
“It is only fair that there is full funding for a dedicated busway as an interim measure until the Scarborough subway extension is built,” says Hunter. “Putting buses in traffic as a replacement for the Scarborough SRT is a non-starter which will mean people abandoning the TTC for their own cars contributing to the TTC death spiral.”
Hunter is the only mayoral candidate to issue a detailed and comprehensive plan to boost TTC ridership and get Toronto moving again which will mean seniors ride for free, regular fares are reduced and service cuts are reversed.
Hunter has also already announced TTC construction priorities including building the North York Scarborough subway, the Waterfront LRT, and the Eglinton East LRT extension. A dedicated busway is a needed transitional measure until the Scarborough subway extension is built.
“We need to get Toronto moving again,” says Hunter. “Safe, reliable, frequent and affordable transit is the best tool we have to get Toronto moving again as well as help us achieve our climate goals.”
Transit experts are referring to TTC service cuts as a “death spiral” that is discouraging people from returning to the TTC with ridership last year less than 60 per cent of pre-pandemic levels while road traffic is crawling.
“This is the worst time to be reducing TTC service frequency and hiking fares. I will fix that and end the death spiral by restoring service, reducing fares and making the TTC free for seniors and Wheel-Trans users, as well as fully-funding a dedicated busway in Scarborough as an interim measure until the subway is built,” says Hunter.
“My plan restores service cuts, gets more people riding the TTC now, but also sets out how we can make the TTC better than ever before in the future. I am going further than any other mayoral candidate because I am bringing fresh eyes and new solutions to the TTC in order to get Toronto moving again.”

Charmain Emerson